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Rope of Faith


Rope of Faith. A spirituality elevated masterpiece by Omer Inayat. Our new single of the year. Music by Amanat. Lyrics and Composition by Omer Inayat. Watch out for the video. Coming Soon


Mast Nazron Se


Music is addictive but making music is even more exciting. It has been a long journey and though life had its ups and downs its been worth it. We have finally finished our video. Yes we know it took a while but all of you have heard it before. Mast Nazron Se is out now. The music has been produced by Ali Mustafa and the video by MNI Pro. It has been a great experience for us and we look forward to your feed back anxiously. For now enjoy it and play it loud...


Omer Inayat


Time's passed so quickly. Seems like yesterday when we thought what would it feel like to be in a music video? Will people like our music. Will they appreciate how hard we've worked. Well we got alot more than we thought!! We had good times and bad, but your support for us and our music made us keep coming back for more. Above all a musician's identity in an industry means the world to him. Your respect for us has made it possible. Thank you for being so patient. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for making all our dreams come true. Hang on..Alot more music from us coming soon...