Biography of Omer Inayat

A career that began with no certainty. An album that made a huge impact and introduced us to an artist that we adore. In 2006 Omer Inayat left a Law career to follow a dream that most believed would go in vain. After completing a Law degree from the University of Wolverhampton, Omer Inayat returned to Pakistan like most young men to practice as a lawyer. He soon realized that it was not what he wanted for himself and his creative side led him closer to music.

In 2005 we heard one of his first compositions that made him the most wanted guy on FM. A tune that was so addictive that listeners included the ages four to sixty. His first album 'Be the One' was a massive success. His song 'Tenu Le' was a huge hit which later became part of a bollywood film 'Jai Veeru' and introduced him as a lyricist.

But all success brings along criticism and soon Omer was being labelled as a 'one hit wonder'. Of course that was proven wrong with another beautiful composition. 'Waali' reflected a more mature side of Omer's writing skills and certainly a bigger hit. It was once again a chart buster and gained popularity very quickly. His recent chart topper includes 'Mast Nazron Se' and we can predict more coming.